The Easy Check Program and Compliance Service

RealPro’s Easy Check search function allows agents to:

• Check telephone numbers against all Do Not Call lists.
• Obtain the mailing address of a phone number that appears on a Do Not Call list

RealPro’s Easy Check administration function allows administrators to:

• Add and remove users
• View and print reports
• Remove telephone numbers
• Temporarily remove numbers
• Add numbers to company database (required by law)

In addition to all of the above, RealPro will do the following for your real estate company; we will:

• Register your company with the National Do Not Call Registry by obtaining Subscription Account Number. The SAN is a unique number identifying, by area codes, an organization’s subscription to the National Registry of Do Not Call phone numbers
• Purchase and manage the National Do Not Call Registry. The annual fee to the government is based on the number of area codes a company accesses
• Provide a Web-based multi-user search program
• Update your list of Do Not Call phone numbers by area code every 31 days
• Provide an office policy on the Do Not Call requirements
• Provide all Do Not Call Compliance documents on CD